Welcome Becky Newton

Becky NewtonBecky Newton, from Decatur, recently joined LLCC as director, community education. She previously worked as the director of recreation and facilities for the Decatur Park District and, prior to that, worked for the Chicago Park District. Becky earned a bachelor’s degree from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She can be reached by phone at 217-786-2430 or by email.

Welcome Becky!

Welcome to Dr. Yvonne Cosentino

Dr. Yvonne CosentinoDr. Yvonne Cosentino recently began as LLCC’s director, occupational therapy assistant. She has been an occupational therapist for 34 years and in central Illinois for 27 of those years. She has a private practice (mostly pediatrics), provides training and has worked in a variety of settings, including school districts, rehab centers, hospitals, long term care facilities and assisted living facilities. She has also been an adjunct instructor for LLCC since summer 2021. Yvonne did her undergraduate work in occupational therapy at Chicago State University, has a doctorate from the Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in Provo, Utah, and also earned the Ayres Sensory Integration certification. She can be reached by phone at 217-786-2872 or by email.

Welcome Yvonne!

Welcome to Alex Dean

Alex DeanAlex Dean began work on Aug. 1 as an enrollment services representative at LLCC. He was previously a student worker for the college, working at a COVID testing site. Alex is working on an associate degree at LLCC, majoring in communication and minoring in psychology. He can be reached by phone at 217-786-2369 or by email.

Welcome Alex!

Welcome to Mion Denton

Mion DentonMion Denton joined LLCC on July 1 as program assistant, student life. She previously worked in the Green Hyundai call center and as an Instacart shopper. Mion has a bachelor’s degree in theater from Lincoln College. She can be reached by phone at 217-786-2378 or by email.

Welcome Mion!

Welcome Afshin Ghafouri

Afshin GhafouriAfshin Ghafouri joined LLCC on July 5 as director, IT development. He previously provided support to Colleague clients for Trimdata Corp. Afshin has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Emory & Henry College in Virginia. He can be reached by phone at 217-786-4926 or by email.

Welcome Afshin!

Welcome Crystal Norris

Crystal NorrisCrystal Norris joined the college in June as administrative assistant to the dean, social sciences and business. She previously worked as a paralegal for four years at Kerley & Talken, P.C. and for 12 years at Londrigen Potter Randle, P.C. She earned an associate degree from Robert Morris University. Crystal also volunteers with Paws for Life Springfield. She can be reached by phone at 217-786-2282 or crystal.norris@llcc.edu.

Welcome Lynn Gerton and Barb Messner

Lynn Gerton began July 18 as an academic services assistant for LLCC. She previously taught at Springfield Christian School for six years and worked for Shunk Financial Group. Lynn earned a bachelor’s degree from Central Christian College of the Bible and a master’s degree in education from Greenville University. She can be reached at lynn.gerton@llcc.edu or 217-786-2582.

Barb Messner joined the college July 11 as administrative assistant to the dean, Workforce Institute at LLCC. She previously worked 25 years at Lincoln Christian University in the areas of teacher education, library and student advising. Barb earned bachelor’s degrees from Lincoln Christian University and Illinois State University and a master’s degree from Lincoln Christian University. She can be reached by phone at 217-786-4539 or barbara.messner@llcc.edu.

Welcome Lynn and Barb!

Lynn Gerton Barb Messner

Welcome Chase Dilworth

Chase DilworthChase Dilworth joined LLCC last week as student records evaluator. He previously worked as the assistant registrar at Lincoln College. Chase completed his graduate work at Lincoln Christian University. He can be reached by phone at 217-786-4961 or by email.

Welcome Chase!

Welcome Greg Matejka

Greg MatejkaGreg Matejka has recently joined LLCC as IT security and assurance manager. He previously worked for City, Water, Light and Power for 26.5 years. He started as a software specialist, later served as IT manager, moved to the operational technology side and then worked in cybersecurity. Greg is also a former LLCC student. He can be reached by phone at 217-786-4917 or by email.

Welcome Greg!

Welcome Brandon Townsend

Brandon TownsendBrandon Townsend has recently joined LLCC as a bookstore stockroom technician. He previously worked as an assistant manager in the paint department at Menards and then transferred to receiving. Brandon is a former LLCC student. You may have seen him playing drums in the LLCC Big Band. Brandon can be reached by phone at 217-786-4919 or by email.

Welcome Brandon!