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Sheridan Lane, director, culinary program and operations, was interviewed by WICS at the opening of Bistro To Go yesterday, Sept. 14. Bistro To Go, run by students, is serving sandwiches, soups, salads, drinks and desserts each Tuesday and Thursday, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. through Nov. 18 (except Nov. 2). See the menu at and order online at

Sean Keeley, culinary specialist, is the author of today’s Epicuriosity 101 column in the State Journal-Register, “African and Middle Eastern cuisine.”

VALIC/AIG rep on campus today

QRcode to Jones, certified financial planner with VALIC/AIG Retirement, will be on campus today, Sept. 15, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the VP Conference Room of Menard Hall. To schedule a 30-minute appointment for an account review and to provide information about your options and new enrollments, go to and enter registration code 6303SPR11AB.

Duct, duct … scorpion!

A scorpion with six legs, two claws, and a tail, all made out of ductwork, is shown on a table in a classroom. Students' names can be seen on different pieces of ductwork.For their final project, students in Derek Matlock‘s sheet metal fabrication class created a scorpion … out of ductwork!

Students worked individually to construct each piece, demonstrating their new knowledge and skills learned in class. Then, working as a team, the class assembled their parts to create the scorpion.

“I wanted the students to use their new knowledge of constructing ductwork to make something that would stand out and showcase our class and facility,” says Matlock.

LLCC HVAC instructor Derek Matlock gestures toward the ductwork scorpion while explaining how it was assembled.Students in the sheet metal fabrication class pose for a photo with the scorpion they created out of ductwork.


Blood drive Sept. 20

About 1 in 7 patients require a blood transfusion. More than 4.5 million people in the U.S. need blood transfusions each year. Type O-Negative donors are universal donors. This means that their red blood cells can be transfused to any patient, regardless of the recipient’s blood type. The need for blood is significant. Thirty-six thousand units are needed every day. One pint of whole blood saves three or more lives. Every two seconds, American needs blood. Blood requirements for life-saving medical care (on average) Accident with massive blood loos 50+ pints of red blood cells Organ transplant: forty units of blood, thirty-five units of platelets, 25 units of plasma. Severe burn treatment needs 20 units of plasma. Blood or “whole blood” is made up of four components: 1% White blood cells that defend the body against infection 55% Plasma that carries blood cells, water, and nutrients Platelets that help the clotting process 44$ Red blood cells that deliver oxygen and remove carbon dioxide Blood components have a limited shelf life Platelets last five days Red blood cells last forty-two days Plasma last 12 months Regular blood donation helps all patients get the blood they need.LLCC Student Life is so close to reaching the goal of 18 donations for the blood drive on Monday, Sept. 20! As of Tuesday, Sept. 14, they are six donors short of this goal. In addition to local demand, other parts of the country affected by Hurricane Ida also need blood donations. Your contributions come at a critical time as the college’s Blood Bank Partner, ImpactLife, has reported that they are at less than a three-day supply of blood for most blood types.

If you are a first-time or a returning donor, if you have any questions about donating or if you need assistance signing up, please reach out to Kyle Roughan, student engagement coordinator, at or 217-786-2315.

Thank you from Ronda Ellinger

Thank you for your prayers, cards, flowers, donations and expressions of sympathy following the recent death of my dad, Donald Lade. Your kindness helped ease my sorrow.

With gratitude,
Ronda Ellinger

Vaccination clinic today

As a reminder, we will be hosting another vaccination clinic in A. Lincoln Commons on the Springfield campus today, Sept. 14, 8:30 a.m.-noon.

If you received your first vaccination dose at the clinics held on Aug. 23 or 24, today’s clinic is being held so you can get your second dose and be fully vaccinated. In addition, this clinic is open to anyone (employee or student) still wanting to begin their vaccination process and get their first dose. The clinic will have both the Pfizer (two-dose regimen) and the Johnson & Johnson (only one dose required) available.

Register for Wellbeing Assessment and Flu Shot

The college is once again offering a wellness screening and flu shot clinic on Monday, Oct. 4 and Thursday, Oct. 21. Full details of this event are provided in the guide and informational flyers emailed by HR yesterday.

The wellness screening is free for benefit-eligible employees (and their spouses) who are on the college’s health insurance plan. If you sign up for a wellness screening, you are also eligible for a free flu shot. Benefit-eligible employees (and their spouses) who are not on the college’s health insurance plan may also participate, but must pay the cost of the screening and/or flu shot. However, all participating benefit-eligible employees will receive a $50 Visa gift card for completing the wellness screening and online health risk assessment.

LLCC awarded USDOT Truck Driver Training Grant

Semi with trailer that says: Workforce Institute at Lincoln Land Community College. Get in. Get trained. Get a job. U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has awarded an FY 2021 Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator Safety Training Grant to LLCC in the amount of $92,820. This follows a 2020 grant award.

The grant will be used to enroll at least 28 veterans in LLCC’s Truck Driver Training program that results in graduates earning a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). Interested veterans should call LLCC’s Truck Driver Training program at 217-786-2565 to learn more.

“Given the demand for truck drivers it’s great to see these federal dollars being invested to train veterans who served our country for good paying jobs,” said U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis. “The CDL program at Lincoln Land Community College demonstrates the important role community colleges play in developing a skilled workforce to move our economy forward. As the Ranking Member of the House Subcommittee on Highways and Transit, I continue to advocate for solutions that bolster career and technical education.”

“We are thrilled to again be the recipient of this Truck Driver Training grant to provide free career preparation for our veterans,” said Ken Elmore, chair of the LLCC Board of Trustees. “The great need for trained truck drivers was highlighted even more during the pandemic, and good jobs await our graduates with average starting salaries of $50,000-$70,000. This grant is especially timely and gratifying since it pairs our deserving veterans with jobs in a very high-need industry. ”

Accessing “The Chronicle of Higher Education”

You can access “The Chronicle of Higher Education” through the LLCC Library and bookmark it without needing a personal subscription. Below is a short video showing you how. The library purchases a site license that allows all LLCC credentialed people to use the electronic resource. The library also subscribes to the print version, and it is available in the periodical browsing area of the library.