Board of Trustees hears from diverse students at LLCC-Beardstown

The LLCC Board of Trustees travelled to Beardstown Wednesday evening to conduct its March meeting and tour the LLCC-Beardstown facility at 109 White Pine Lane.

Assistant Director Shanda Byer told trustees, “What sets LLCC-Beardstown apart, what makes us unique, are our students.” She presented a video entitled “Meet the students of LLCC-Beardstown” in which 25 students described their backgrounds and future plans. Many cited cost, proximity to home, caring instructors and flexible scheduling as reasons for choosing the local college.

The video revealed that LLCC-Beardstown students come from 15 countries and speak nine different languages, not counting dozens of tribal languages. Their average age is 27, ranging from high school students to senior citizens. Forty-two percent of the 2013 Beardstown High School graduating class has taken LLCC classes, and nine high school seniors are enrolled in college courses this spring through the “First Semester” program. On the other end of the spectrum, 17 senior citizens took a new computer class designed just for them. There are more than 400 enrollments at LLCC-Beardstown this spring. In addition, 202 students are studying English as a second language.

“It is wonderful, as a board, to be reminded of the many kinds of students we serve,” commented LLCC Board Chair Justin Reichert. Board Vice Chair Craig Findley, who represents the Beardstown and Jacksonville area, praised Ms. Byer, Executive Director Jan Terry, their faculty and staff for the excellent services provided to the diverse students of LLCC-Beardstown.

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Ag Club’s 2nd annual ”Farmer’s Share Luncheon” today

The LLCC Agriculture Club is holding a Farmer’s Share Luncheon on Today, March 28 from 11:30am to 1:00pm in the Student Union. The purpose of the meal is to educate students, staff, and faculty about modern agriculture and dispel any myths about the agricultural field. The cost of a ticket is $.50, which represents the amount an average farmer receives out of the $6.00 a person would spend on eating that meal  at a restaurant or other establishment. The remainder of the meal cost is being paid by the area agribusinesses that are sponsoring the event. Some tickets are still available, so faculty and staff are welcome to come and pay at the event while supplied last.  Door prizes will be awarded, and Ag Club raffle tickets will be on sale as well.

In the News

Terri Hinrichs, recruitment coordinator, did an extended interview with WMAY March 26 during the Business Connections event at the Prairie Capital Convention Center.

Bob Howard, director, truck driver training, was interviewed on WLDS in Jacksonville March 25 regarding the information session March 27 at LLCC-Jacksonville for the upcoming free warehousing/logistics training program for long-term unemployed individuals.

Adjunct culinary instructor Jolene Adams, LLCC culinary student Tanner Yancik and Professor of History Dr. John Roberts were interviewed March 27 by Fox News about the student-run Bistro Verde café serving its new fine dining menu. The segment airs on today’s Good Day show.

LLCC student Brianna Stokes was interviewed March 26 by WICS-TV about looking for summer employment.

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Nominate a Distinguished Service Award Honoree!

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes more than the “employee of the year”.  This award is given to LLCC employees who demonstrate exemplary leadership, promotes a learner-centered environment and promotes service to the college community.  Service is a matter of the job.  This award recognizes those who provide service beyond the minimum.  Leadership can be provided in a subtle way.  Nominations should clearly describe what qualities exhibited by the nominee through his/her performance, attitude, behavior and action puts them in the elite class of “Distinguished Service Award Recipient”.  Instructions are listed on the Nomination Form.  Deadline is April 4th.

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Minutes posted from recent Team meetings

The Curriculum team met Feb. 28.  To view the status of current curriculum changes, please view the meeting minutes.

The Professional Development Team also met in February and discussed changes to the Team Charter and drafted a recommendation for the Cabinet regarding these changes. View the meeting minutes and recommendation.

At their March 18 meeting, the Sustainability team discussed Earth Week events and plans for landscaping and maintenance for the campus and prairie restoration areas.  More details available in the meeting minutes.



The LLCC improvisational jazz combo, Stolen Moments will be performing from 11:30am-1pm in the A. Lincoln Commons. The performance features various styles of jazz, latin, blues, funk, and rock styles with improvisations on various instruments of piano, guitars, bass, drums, tenor sax, trumpet and flute as well as vocalists on a couple of standard jazz tunes. Information will be available about the various ensembles that are offered here at LLCC as well as the upcoming Battle of the Bands contest. This is a Red & Blue Crew event and is sponsored by the Logger Activities Board.

In the Community

On Monday, March 31, Jolene Adams, culinary arts adjunct instructor, will provide a cooking demonstration for University of Illinois Extension nutrition programs.  Her audience will be teens that are participating in the SNAP-ED grant program.  The goal is to teach them healthy cooking techniques. Jolene will prepare three recipes and will include introductory chopping skills, food safety and sanitation.