Duct, duct … scorpion!

A scorpion with six legs, two claws, and a tail, all made out of ductwork, is shown on a table in a classroom. Students' names can be seen on different pieces of ductwork.For their final project, students in Derek Matlock‘s sheet metal fabrication class created a scorpion … out of ductwork!

Students worked individually to construct each piece, demonstrating their new knowledge and skills learned in class. Then, working as a team, the class assembled their parts to create the scorpion.

“I wanted the students to use their new knowledge of constructing ductwork to make something that would stand out and showcase our class and facility,” says Matlock.

LLCC HVAC instructor Derek Matlock gestures toward the ductwork scorpion while explaining how it was assembled.Students in the sheet metal fabrication class pose for a photo with the scorpion they created out of ductwork.