It’s not too late to make your LEAGUE gift 

LLCC Foundation Superfriends LEAGUE '21Unlike Marvel Super Heroes, we cannot stop a runaway locomotive or climb the outskirts of a skyscraper, but we can all join the LEAGUE to offer additional support to improve the lives of our LLCC students. LEAGUE (Leaders Establishing Annual Gifts Underwriting Education) is the annual faculty and staff giving campaign. It’s been a challenging year, but our students have persevered thanks to you — our superheroes!

With this BOOM! POW! WOW! year, students simply need more support. Our students desire a higher education to better not only themselves, but our community. Although our students lean into and tackle challenges daily, sometimes it is more than they can overcome.

Supporting the LEAGUE campaign is a way to help students who need help when a set-back occurs, to stay on course and complete their educational goals — students like Ivan, a first-generation college student studying liberal arts with dreams of being a teacher one day. “One thing I have learned about myself is that in order to truly be successful, you must endure some challenges in life. Success does not come to those who don’t work hard for themselves. My motivation to be successful in my career enhances me to always be as good as I can be,” says Ivan.

Please consider making a donation today 2021 LEAGUE Form. If you have already made a gift, THANK YOU! Thank you for your consideration to assist our students in breaking-thru barriers to assist them in continuing and completing their education. Your care and support defines a real superhero.

Gifts and pledges to the LEAGUE Campaign do not automatically renew unless you choose to do so this year going forward.  Make your donation and you will have a chance to win a $150 cash prize! The cash prize was made possible by members of the LLCC Cabinet. All faculty and staff who make a donation will be eligible for other great prizes as well such as a Fitbit fitness tracker, Amazon gift card and more!

For more information, contact the Foundation at 217-786-2785 or