Fire it Up for LEAGUE

Fire It Up LeagueHave you ever played flip cup? Well now is your chance to use those skills you may have mastered.  Get your team of four together and practice for your chance to beat your colleagues and win bragging rights at the LEAGUE’s Backyard BBQ on Tuesday, March 29 from 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. in the Student Union.   All faculty, staff and retirees are invited to join the LEAGUE Committee for a free lunch, entertainment, games and prizes.

What is LEAGUE? LEAGUE is an acronym for Leaders Establishing Annual Gifts Underwriting Education and is the LLCC faculty and staff annual giving campaign for the benefit of our students and programs.  Funds raised support scholarships, grants and other educational programs at Lincoln Land.  Giving is easy through payroll deduction.  Make your contribution on Tuesday, March 29 or use the enrollment form and return to the LLCC Foundation.

Win a BBQ Package! Stop by the LLCC Foundation in Menard Hall now through Friday, April 8, and purchase your raffle tickets to win a portable Weber gas grill along with a fabulous State Fair pork package donated by the Illinois Pork Producers and Noonan’s.  You may also purchase your 50/50 cash drawing tickets.  Tickets are just $1 each and will also be available at the LEAGUE kickoff luncheon on March 29.

Learn more in the LEAGUE News & Times!

Successful LEAGUE campaign benefits students; campaign raises over $54,000!


Grants are awarded for programs at Lincoln Land Community College from funds raised from the annual faculty and staff giving campaign known as L.E.A.G.U.E. or Leaders Establishing Annual Gifts Underwriting Education.

Thanks to all faculty and staff who made a donation to the LEAGUE campaign this year. The Foundation is thrilled to announce that a total of $54,470 was raised from 164 people who made a gift or pledge to the campaign! This total represents a nearly 39 percent participation rate among faculty and staff.
Funds from the LEAGUE campaign directly support LLCC students through scholarships, grants and more. Given the ever increasing demands on individual and family budgets, the Foundation is grateful that faculty and staff give so generously in support of the students of LLCC.

Congratulations to Keven Tait, ARH instructor, for winning the second $150 cash prize at the end of the LEAGUE campaign. It’s not too late to contribute. If you still wish to give, stop by the Foundation, level one Menard Hall, or give us a call at 62785. You can direct how your donation will be used to support students and programs at Lincoln Land and receive a gift in return.

Congratulations LEAGUE winners!

Congratulations to the following winners in the 2015 LEAGUE Campaign:

Bill Harmon – $140 in the 50/50 drawingThermometer Sign_Layout 1
Richard Wakefield – St. Louis Cardinal basket and tickets
Martha Blackwell – first $150 cash winner
LLCC-Taylorville – most votes for the best decorated Penny Wars container
Jacksonville – most points in Penny Wars.

The total collected for the Pay It Forward fund was $130 in the Penny Wars Competition.

It’s not too late for a chance to win $150 if you make a pledge to the Foundation’s LEAGUE Campaign and donate using payroll deduction. Simply complete the LEAGUE pledge form 2015 LEAGUE Enrollment Form and return it to the Foundation by April 30.

Last day for your chance to win LEAGUE raffles!

Today is the final day to purchase tickets for a chance to win the 50/50 drawing or St. Louis Cardinal tickets. See the Cardinals take Raffle Basket Photo and Giftson the Cincinnati Reds on Sunday, April 19. Stop by the LLCC Foundation today by 5 pm in Menard Hall, room 1214! While you’re there, cast off your final bits of change in the Penny Wars challenge! Penny Wars containers are on display and ready for your donation to the Foundation’s Pay It Forward Fund which provides financial assistance to students with emergency needs.

And if you haven’t already, make a pledge to the LEAGUE Campaign by completing the 2015 LEAGUE Enrollment Form and returning it to the Foundation office. You will receive a nice gift based on your level of giving and you will also be eligible to win $150 if you choose to payroll deduct your donation. As a donor, you can choose what you would like your gift to support. Funds from this campaign benefit LLCC students through scholarships, grants and more. Thank you for choosing to join fellow faculty and staff members by donating to the LEAGUE Camapaign.

It’s not too late to join the LEAGUE!

Tville Penny Wars

LLCC-Taylorville’s Penny Wars entry mimicked the popular Jeopardy game show and included answers to 24 questions relating to LLCC such as “The original LLCC Taylorville was located here.” The correct question is “What is the Taylorville Square?”

Thank you to all faculty, staff and retirees who joined us for lunch at the kickoff of the annual LEAGUE Campaign on Tuesday. As of Tuesday, 112 people have donated to the campaign this year for a total of $40,000.

It’s not too late! Stop by the Foundation office for a chance to win $150 cash if you make a pledge to the campaign and choose payroll deduction. Gifts of any amount are appreciated and important in helping us meet our students’ educational goals.

Tickets are available through April 1 to win the St. Louis Cardinal basket and 50/50. And don’t forget to bring your pennies, coins or bills to place in the Penny Wars containers. Proceeds from Penny Wars benefit the Pay It Forward Fund for emergency student needs. Congratulations to Taylorville for winning the best decorated Penny Wars container!

LLCC Faculty, Staff and Retirees Come on Down!

Join the LEAGUE Committee for the LEAGUE Campaign Kickoff TODAY at 11:30 a.m. in the Student Union.
• Lunch provided for faculty, staff and retirees
• Entertainment featuring a live band
• Try your luck at LINC-O and Bozo’s Big Top Circus Bean Bag Toss
• Bring random office supplies for your chance to participate in the Friendly Feud-our version of the popular Family Feud game show
• Place spare change in the Penny Wars containers and vote for your favorite
• Donate to the LEAGUE campaign and receive a gift

Donations to the LEAGUE campaign benefit our students and programs. Contributions to Penny Wars will be used for the Foundation’s Pay It Forward fund for student emergency needs.

Participate in Penny Wars!

Get a team together and participate in the LLCC LEAGUE Committee’s Penny Wars! Penny Wars is a fun competition to see who can collect the most pennies and raise funds for LLCC Foundation’s Pay It Forward Fund, which provides assistance to students with emergency needs. To participate in Penny Wars:

Can you guess the name of this TV game show where passengers have to answer trivia questions with mounting cash values before they reach their destination or get kicked out?

Can you guess the name of this TV game show where passengers have to answer trivia questions with mounting cash values before they reach their destination or get kicked out?

• Contact Barb Eades in the LLCC Foundation at 786-2255 or
• Pick up an empty Penny Wars container in the Foundation, Menard Hall, room 1214.
• Decorate your container anyway you want – or use this year’s LEAGUE TV Game Show theme as inspiration.
• Start collecting pennies in your department or area and place them in your container.
• Sabotage your opponents by placing silver coins or paper money in their containers.
• Bring your decorated containers to the L.E.A.G.U.E. luncheon on Tuesday, March 24 by 11:30 a.m. in the Student Union where people will vote for their favorite and more money can be placed in the jars.

See the flyer for additional details: Penny Wars flyer 2015

For more information, contact the LLCC Foundation at 786-2255.

Take the LEAGUE Friendly Feud survey; only 100 responses accepted

One hundred faculty and staff members were asked to name an Game-Show-logo-color-smallexcuse a student might give when missing an assignment. Participate in the LEAGUE’s Friendly Feud survey to find out the No. 1 reason. The results of the survey will be revealed during the Friendly Feud game at the LEAGUE luncheon on Tuesday, March 24 in the Student Union. Take the survey now (click on the game show graphic). Only 100 responses will be accepted.