LLCC-Litchfield Student Club holds Thanksgiving food drive

The LLCC-Litchfield Student Club sponsored a Thanksgiving food drive from Nov. 6-17 in which students and faculty collected more than 200 non-perishable food items. These items were donated to the CEFS Economic Opportunity Corporation in Montgomery County.

Classes competed to collect the most items for the drive and win a pizza party. First Year Experience taught by Jessie Blackburn was honored as the class with the most donations.

CEFS employees, LLCC students and LLCC-Litchfield staff with donated food items

l-r: Charity Griggs and Debra Wilkie, CEFS; Adrienne Frazier, LLCC-Litchfield education services representative; Josh Bader, Selina Cochran, Maggie Reynolds, Jessie Zhang, Drake Gasperson, Alyssa Lohman and Sofia Ray, LLCC students; and Jessie Blackburn, LLCC-Litchfield director