Learning Renewal Trauma Series

ICCB, in partnership with ICSPS, is offering a four-part trauma series, presented by the Illinois Collaboration on Youth (ICOY) as part of Learning Renewal professional development events. The sessions address the impact of trauma, the relationship between culture and trauma, vicarious trauma and trauma informed supervision.

While this series was developed as part of Learning Renewal support, the information will be relevant to all college faculty, staff and administration.

Sessions will be held on the following dates from 10:30 a.m.-noon. Registration is required for each session.

Nov. 30 – Impact of Trauma

Understanding the impact of trauma on the development of the brain and learning response strategies to build resilient youth and families. The trainers will cover adolescent development, childhood trauma, and resilience and recovery.

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Dec. 7 – Culture and Trauma

Trauma has context. That context oftentimes has cultural and historical roots. The training will explore the relationship between trauma and culture by looking specifically at populations who are at high risk for experiencing trauma. Participants will also learn about the ways power and oppression impact trauma and access to resources. Lastly, participants will learn about the resilience and protective factors these communities have built to combat trauma.

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Dec. 14 – Vicarious Trauma

This training addresses trauma and its impact on those in caring professions. Participants will discuss the “caring traumas” and learn how to identify and address the signs and symptoms of each. Additionally, participants will contextualize these concepts by examining the systemic issues that can contribute to them. Finally, participants will learn about ways to address trauma and promote individual and organizational self-care.

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Jan. 25 – Trauma Informed Supervision

Designed for anyone who operates in a leadership/management capacity, this training helps professionals learn how to effectively manage and relate to individuals they supervise. Participants will learn to provide trauma informed supervision by learning about the way trauma can impact staff and recognizing signs of compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma.

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