Upcoming construction projects

Starting in the next few weeks, the construction management office will be working with contractors at several LLCC locations. A list of projects slated to begin is below:

  • Cass Gym basement will have mechanical work in the locker rooms and corridors.
  • The Child Development Center will have drainage repairs in the grass area to the south of the building.
  • Menard Hall’s loading dock and Sangamon Hall South Boiler Room area will have exterior concrete removal and replacement work.
  • Springfield campus parking lot light fixtures will be removed and replaced.
  • Emergency generators will be installed at Logan and Montgomery halls and the Child Development Center.
  • The LLCC-Litchfield front reception countertop/desk area will be renovated.
  • LLCC-Litchfield interior light fixtures will be removed and replaced at both buildings.
  • Logan Hall will have classroom/lab flooring removed and replaced.
  • Menard Hall second floor will have corridor flooring removed and replaced, and walls will be painted.
  • Logan 1132/1133, Millennium 2203/2204, Millennium 2237/2239 and Menard 2202/2203 are being renovated and converted to larger classrooms.
  • Montgomery Hall will have (mostly) overhead mechanical work occurring entirely at night.
  • Montgomery Hall will also have some work replacing flooring, ceilings and wall finishes in the east hallway during the day.
  • Springfield, Litchfield and Taylorville locations will have exterior signage and wayfinding (phase two) work.

We hope this list is comprehensive and our goal (as always) is to be minimally disruptive to daily college operations. As you can imagine, with the number of projects beginning, there might be something that comes up that needs our attention. If this should occur, please contact Tim Ervin at 217-786-9605 or at tim.ervin@llcc.edu.