First recipients of LLCC’s IDI Grant named

The Innovation in Diversity and Inclusion Grant Project Team is pleased to announce the first recipients of the IDI Grant!

Alex BerryIn the Training, Teaching, and Learning category, Alex Berry was awarded funding for the purchase of “Is Everyone Really Equal? An introduction to key concepts in social justice education” for all student success coaches. This book will be used as a framework for discussion on issues of social justice and engaging with inclusive practices at LLCC during departmental meetings. In addition, this project aims to create a guide to be used by other departments interested in facilitating this activity.

Candace SilasIn the Recruitment & Retention category, Candace Silas was awarded funding for a targeted recruitment and retention project for Workforce Equity Initiative (WEI) students. Funds will be used to support a marketing campaign and student support program aimed at recruiting and retaining students in the Workforce Equity Initiative program. This program funds short-term education/training programs for around 150 low income students, 75% of whom must be African American, designed to help participants gain employment in high wage and in-demand occupations. More information can be found on the WEI webpage.

Congratulations to the grant recipients! Their commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion at LLCC is appreciated, and we look forward to the positive impact these projects will have.