New LEAGUE video

Back to the 90s. LEAGUE. LLCC Foundation 2020Do you remember the 90s? Did you have a favorite TV show, band or movie? Watch the new LEAGUE video as LEAGUE committee members reminisce about their favorite memories of the 1990s.

LEAGUE, which is an acronym for Leaders Establishing Annual Gifts Underwriting Education, is the annual faculty and staff giving campaign. Donations benefit our students in the form of scholarships, various program funds, the Pay It Forward fund and LEAGUE grants which provide classroom materials, equipment and other enhancements. As a donor, you decide where you direct your contribution!

It’s not too late to make your contribution or pledge. Contact the LLCC Foundation at or call 786-2797. Payroll deductions begin July 15. Anyone making a donation will be placed into a drawing for two $150 cash prizes donated by members of the LLCC Cabinet. Booyah!