Do you know your 90s trivia?

Back to the 90s. LEAGUE. LLCC Foundation 2020The LEAGUE Committee had some fun in store for the kickoff of this year’s annual faculty and staff giving campaign. Test your knowledge of 90s trivia, and you will be entered into a drawing for a prize! Watch for questions, and submit your answer by email to to win.

Congratulations to the winner of the first LEAGUE 90s trivia question, Nichole Coffey!

The answer to the LEAGUE 90s Trivia Question from Thursday about which hockey icon announced his retirement in 1999 was Wayne Gretzky. Wayne was in Edmonton, Alberta for most of his career.

Today’s LEAGUE 90s trivia question:

Popularized during the early 1990s, what game used milk cap discs made of cardboard and slammers?
a. Push Pops
b. Clackers
c. Discman
d. Pogs

Submit your answer by email to for a chance to win.

If you have not made your donation to LEAGUE there is still time. Ask for a form when submitting your answer to the LLCC Foundation. Donations benefit our students and programs. If you make a donation to the LEAGUE campaign by June 30, your name will be entered into a drawing for two $150 cash prizes made available thanks to the LLCC Cabinet.