Make-up testing moves to Placement and Testing office

As of today the Center for Academic Success will no longer proctor make-up exams for the general student population. Make-up testing has been relocated to LLCC Placement and Testing in Menard Hall, Room 1128.

Testing will remain in the Center for Academic Success ONLY for the following student populations:

  1. Students who require a test reader
  2. Students who require a test scribe
  3. Students who require a private testing room with a proctor

Faculty will receive notification from Kim Eddings, accessibility services coordinator, if a student enrolled in one of their courses requires any special testing arrangements.

For make-up testing hours in the LLCC Placement and Testing, please contact Stephanie Cummings, placement and testing coordinator, at 786-2246. For the new make-up testing form, please refer to the email sent Tuesday, Aug. 13.