CAS December Student of the Month

Molly HughesCongratulations to Molly Hughes who is the LLCC Center for Academic Success’ December student worker of the month. Molly is an education major and has worked as a peer tutor and as an information desk assistant since January 2022. Molly tutors her peers in biology, education, English and math. At the CAS information desk, she helps students schedule appointments with the center’s various  services. Her enthusiasm for and dedication to helping her fellow students is evident in her willingness to go above and beyond expectations to ensure LLCC students get the support they need. After graduating from LLCC, Molly plans to transfer to Eastern Illinois University and continue her studies in education to become a high school science teacher. 

CAS November Student Worker of the Month

Joshua HughesCongratulations to Joshua Hughes who is the LLCC Center for Academic Success’ November student worker of the month. Joshua is an education major and has worked as a peer tutor at LLCC since January, and this semester he is also working at the information desk helping students schedule their appointments.

Joshua tutors history, psychology, education, political science, geography and communication. His enthusiasm for and dedication to helping his fellow students is evident in his willingness to go above and beyond expectations to ensure LLCC students get the support they need. The fact that he is taking PHI 201 Introduction to Logic solely so that he can tutor students in this challenging course next semester is just one example.

Dr. Colin Suchland and Tiffany-Anne Elliott present at Assessment Institute

Dr. Colin Suchland and Tiffany-Anne Elliott
Dr. Colin Suchland, professor of sociology, and Tiffany-Anne Elliott, academic support programs coordinator for the LLCC Center for Academic Success presented “Lifting Learning Barriers — Positioning Embedded Tutoring as a High Impact Practice to Increase Student Mastery of Core Competencies” this past Monday at the Assessment Institute. Elliott discussed how the LLCC Writing Center’s formative program review led to piloting embedded tutoring on our campus and shared the results of preliminary assessment of that service. Suchland presented his assessment of how having Elliott as an embedded tutor in a section of his SOC 101 course dramatically improved students’ completion of assignments as well as their performance of written communication skills as measured by the written communication general education VALUE rubric.

If you would like to hear more about their work, they will be holding a session on Professional Development Day titled “The Win-Win: Improving Student Engagement and Skills via Embedded Tutoring” in which faculty and staff can learn more about embedded tutoring, its power to impact student success and opportunities for incorporating embedded tutors into other courses.

CAS October student worker of the month

Preston Siewert, LLCC Peer TutorCongratulations to Preston Siewert who is the LLCC Center for Academic Success’ October student worker of the month. Preston is a new peer tutor for LLCC this semester but is already in high demand. Their enthusiasm for and dedication to helping fellow students through tutoring has multiple students scheduling regular weekly appointments. Preston’s tutees say that they are incredibly helpful and good at explaining things in ways they understand. Several LLCC staff who have observed Preston tutor have encouraged them to pursue a career in teaching.  

National Tutor Appreciation Week

Please join the Center for Academic Success in celebrating all of LLCC’s super tutors during National Tutor Appreciation Week, Oct. 3-7. Our academic success professionals and peer tutors are working hard to help students supercharge their learning. They break through procrastination. They lift students’ confidence with challenging course content. They power up students’ study skills. Check out the video footage we caught of some of these heroes in action.

We also want to celebrate the awesome staff and faculty tutors in the LLCC Math and Writing Centers, TRIO and Accessibility Services.  

If you know someone who tutors at LLCC, please take some time this week to show your appreciation by dropping them a note, email or thank you card letting them know just how super you think they are and how much their work is appreciated. 

September CAS student worker of the month

Grace HatcherCongratulations to Grace Hatcher who is the LLCC Center for Academic Success’ September student worker of the month. Grace has tutored for LLCC since August 2021. She was on campus the week before fall classes started reviewing available resources she would be able to use in her tutoring appointments this semester. She even volunteered time to work with students in the week preceding the start of fall semester. Her attention to detail and suggestions for additional resources help improve our peer tutoring services for the subjects she tutors. Grace is a motivated self-starter, and CAS is excited for her to continue providing tutoring support to LLCC students taking biology, CNA and nursing courses this semester.

Fall 2022 peer tutoring

Group photo of fall 2022 peer tutors and Tiffany Elliott
Meet the fall 2022 peer tutors! Free peer tutoring is available every day of the week from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. for a wide array of LLCC courses. Individual schedules vary by tutor. Students should contact the LLCC Center for Academic Success at 217-786-2396 or to schedule an appointment.

The Center for Academic Success is still looking for peer tutors in economics and computer science. Please refer interested students to the job posting to complete an application or to Tiffany Elliott, academic support programs coordinator, at 217-786-2585 or for more information.

Encourage students to register for Smart Start Seminars yet today

The LLCC Center for Academic Success FREE Smart Start Seminars begin Aug. 30 and provide students with successful study tools to help them get a smart start to the new semester. Students may choose to attend Part 1, Part 2 or both! Visit the Center for Academic Success Workshops and Seminars page to view a schedule of Smart Start Seminars dates and times. Registration closes today, Aug. 26, at 11:30 p.m.