Welcome to new LLCC faculty!

Join us in welcoming the following new LLCC faculty members!

Cory BrockmeyerCory Brockmeyer is LLCC’s new HVACR instructor. He is a graduate of LLCC’s HVACR program and previously worked as a journeyman and was with Local 137 for seven years. Cory can be reached at cory.brockmeyer@llcc.edu or 786-3676.




Bridgette HudsonBridgette Hudson joins the college as a nursing instructor. She previously worked with HSHS for almost 10 years. Her background is primary in medical surgery, but also intensive care and leadership and management. Bridgette can be reached at bridgette.hudson@llcc.edu or 786-2566.



Laurie Lewis-FritzLaurie Lewis-Fritz started at LLCC as an adjunct instructor and is now a full-time instructor of music. Prior to joining LLCC, she taught at Lincoln College and MacMurray College. She earned her master’s degree in opera/music theatre. Laurie can be reached at laurie.lewis-fritz@llcc.edu or 786-2562.



Dr. Teresa Liberati

Teresa Liberati, D.V.M., Ph.D., has been an adjunct instructor at LLCC since 2015 and is now an assistant professor, biology/anatomy and physiology. A veterinarian and toxicologist, she has worked in many areas of academia, research and teaching. Teresa can be reached at teresa.liberati@llcc.edu or 786-2793.



Matt SchownirMatt Schownir, Ph.D., is LLCC’s new assistant professor of history. Originally from Indiana, he earned his master’s and doctorate’s degrees in history from Purdue University. Before joining us, he taught at Purdue, Huntington University in Indiana and Jackson College in Michigan. His hobbies include soccer, listening to podcasts, board games and spending time with his two children. Matt can be reached at matthew.schownir@llcc.edu or 786-2404.


Bailey Shaw

Bailey Shaw, Ph.D., is a new assistant professor of English at LLCC. She is originally from Decatur, Illinois, and earned a bachelor’s degree from Bradley University and a master’s degree from Loyola Chicago. Prior to joining LLCC, she taught at other community colleges in Illinois, most recently at John A. Logan College. Bailey can be reached at bailey.shaw@llcc.edu or 786-2402.



Karen SiskKaren Sisk, Ph.D., has also joined LLCC as an assistant professor of English. She holds a master’s degree in English literature and a doctorate’s degree in creative writing. She previously was an adjunct instructor for Lorrain County Community College for four years. Karen can be reached at karen.sisk@llcc.edu or 786-2364.