Important notices from the Finance Dept.

DEPOSITS: The deadline to submit your deposits to the Finance Department is Thursday, Aug. 28 before noon. As a reminder, if you’ve taken in funds, it is necessary to submit them and corresponding deposit slips to the Finance Department on a daily basis.  If you have questions, please contact Elyse Calhoun at ext. 62204 or Robin Ackman at ext. 62762.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE: Travel forms are now only available on the Portal page, under Finance Dept., Accounts Payable. You will have to print a white copy as the pre-travel form before traveling and also a yellow copy, as the post travel form after traveling. Yellow paper is available from the mailroom. Employee travel guidelines are also available on the Accounts Payable portal page. Please contact Jill Whitney in Accounts Payable ext. 62256 if you have any questions.