Three handbooks by External Stakeholders Team now on employee portal

Three handbooks produced by the External Stakeholders Team — the Work-based Learning Guide, Regional Advisory Committee Handbook and Program Advisory Committee Handbook — are now available under the header “Handbooks” on the Employee Portal.

The Work-Based Learning Guide is designed to be a resource to faculty and staff to help prepare students to enter the workforce and enhance their opportunities to find gainful employment. This guide could provide faculty with ideas for their classroom, help programs identify workplace learning opportunities as well provides relevant documentation and forms. Some resources in the guide are:

  • Types of work-based learning that can be implemented both in class and throughout a program.
  • Definitions to create a common language across the college.
  • Forms that need to be filled out for internships, job shadowing and field trips/employer tours.
  • Sample online forms that faculty and staff can utilize to help implement internship programs.

The Regional Advisory Committee Handbook standardizes the structure for committees of community members who meet to advise Outreach Centers of various opportunities or concerns within the community relevant to the operation of each center.  Resources in the handbook include:

  • Defined meeting goals and structure.
  • Internal and external roles.
  • Expectations and processes.
  • A glossary of terms.
  • Templates.

The Program Advisory Committee Handbook provides guidance for committees made up of employers, external stakeholders and experts who advise and have input into various LLCC programs. Their role can support LLCC programs in several ways including curriculum development, educational enrichment, program review, recruitment, community awareness and legislation. Resources in the handbook include:

  • Defined purpose and function.
  • Roles of program directors, deans and faculty.
  • Templates and sample meeting agendas minutes and invitations.
  • Tips for productive meetings.
  • A glossary of terms.