Submit an IDI Grant application

idi Innovation in Diversity and Inclusion Grant ProgramThe Innovation in Diversity and Inclusion (IDI) Grant application process is open for submission through March 15! The IDI Grant is an internal opportunity for any LLCC faculty, staff, student or department, and can be used to address a need and/or to promote and celebrate diversity. More information and helpful resources (standards of evaluation, project samples and more) are now available on the Innovation in Diversity & Inclusion Grant SharePoint page (be sure you’re logged in to Office 365 to access).

IDI Grant projects should fall into one of the following categories:

  • Training, Teaching and Learning
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Environment and Processes
  • ​​​​​​​Other Innovation Strategies

Over the course of the coming weeks, a focus will be provided in LincIn on each of these categories. What types of activities could be undertaken for training, teaching and learning? We encourage you to talk and collaborate with your colleagues and students. A few ideas include: hosting a training event, purchasing materials for an inclusivity workshop, buying books from diverse authors, etc. Additionally, here are a couple of samples of projects done at other institutions of higher education:

  • Stories Untold – Syracuse University – The workshop series increased contact between Syracuse University drama students and working artists whose stories (in their work or their pathway to making it) were underrepresented in the department. Three working artists of varying disciplines spoke to classes, led a workshop and participated in a Q&A session with students.
  • Ally Skills Workshop for Poets and Writers – University of Massachusetts Amherst – The workshop worked to help students in the MFA for Poets and Writers to better understand and respond to issues regarding racism and white supremacy within their program. The workshop included a series of training events to educate and empower students on what to do in situations of racism and transphobia in the MFA program.

If you have questions, please contact

IDI Grant Project Team (appointed by the Campus Climate Team’s Safety & Inclusivity Workgroup):
Shelby Bedford, chair
Laura Anderson
Michelle Pulce-Flynn
Jamil Steele
Kyla Kruse