“Tranquility of Nature” in Murray Gallery through Jan. 31

sun rises east by Su GeLLCC’s James S. Murray Gallery is featuring the Chinese brush painting exhibit “Tranquility of Nature” by Su Ge through Jan. 31. The public is invited to view the exhibit weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Ge’s work reflects the union of inscription/poem, calligraphy, painting and seal. She practiced Chinese calligraphy from a young age and learned the art of carving stone seals from her father.

“Movement of the brush — quickly or slowly, lightly or heavily — along with the use of five colors of ink create the beauty and charm of Chinese brush paintings,” explains Ge. “Due to the nature of the absorbance of Xuan paper, mistakes cannot be corrected once the brush touches the paper.” Read more about the artist.