Earth Day activities tomorrow!

Bird Banding, 8-11 a.m., (NOTE NEW START TIME.) Bird Banding Station (behind Cass Gym). Join Biology Professor Tony Rothering and Lincoln Land Association of Bird Banders President Vern Kleen and learn about their process to capture, band and release birds, and record information which is added to a data pool on bird migration patterns. Observers may stop in for a visit or stay the entire time.

Earth Day Vendor Fair, 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., A. Lincoln Commons. Discover and learn about the various organizations, individuals, and businesses on campus and in the community working on programs, projects and educational tools geared toward sustainability and earth stewardship. Visitors can experience a human-powered bicycle making fresh fruit smoothies, recycled paper being turned into art and demonstrations on making recycled beads. Locally grown items will be available for purchase. The LLCC Environmental Club will sell Earth Day T-shirts and take orders for heirloom tomato plants, and the LLCC Epicurian Club will provide snacks. Vendors include: Acbees Apiaries, City of Springfield Public Works Division of Waste and Recycling, Elevate Energy, Food Fantasies, Girl Scouts, Grow Springfield (a network of community gardens), Habitat for Humanity, Inspiro Café, Jubilee Farm, LLCC Epicurean Club, Springfield Vegetarian Association and Willow Creek Farm.

Honey bee presentation, 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., A. Lincoln Commons. Learn about the life of a honey bee and its role in human lives and the environment from a longtime beekeeper.

Planting Successions, noon, LLCC Community Garden (behind LLCC Workforce Careers Center). Learn how to space plantings to harvest your favorite crops all season long.

Art Viewing, path from Sangamon Hall annex to the bridge. Tour a selection of natural land art created in the style of earth artists by LLCC 3D design students using materials from the LLCC environment. Display complete Tuesday afternoon, weather permitting.

More information is available by calling 217.786.4993 or emailing