Message from the Professional Advisory Committee (PAC)

Now that the spring 2015 semester is fully underway, Professional Advisory Committee (PAC) members would like to remind professional staff at LLCC that we are still an active committee. Guided by the college’s mission and vision, our purpose is to represent professional staff and to improve communication among and between the professional staff and the college president and board of trustees. PAC meets monthly to discuss issues presented to the committee.

A list of committee members and their terms can be found on the employee portal page under the PAC link. We also have a wooden “suggestion/comment” box located just outside of the mailroom and printshop, if you would like to leave us your thoughts or questions.

Thank you and have a great semester.

PAC members: Nick Ferreira (chair), Tamie Penning (sec), Dee Krueger, Soodi Nassirpour, Holly Gietl, Craig McFarland (vice chair), Melissa Franzen