Board of Trustees hears from diverse students at LLCC-Beardstown

The LLCC Board of Trustees travelled to Beardstown Wednesday evening to conduct its March meeting and tour the LLCC-Beardstown facility at 109 White Pine Lane.

Assistant Director Shanda Byer told trustees, “What sets LLCC-Beardstown apart, what makes us unique, are our students.” She presented a video entitled “Meet the students of LLCC-Beardstown” in which 25 students described their backgrounds and future plans. Many cited cost, proximity to home, caring instructors and flexible scheduling as reasons for choosing the local college.

The video revealed that LLCC-Beardstown students come from 15 countries and speak nine different languages, not counting dozens of tribal languages. Their average age is 27, ranging from high school students to senior citizens. Forty-two percent of the 2013 Beardstown High School graduating class has taken LLCC classes, and nine high school seniors are enrolled in college courses this spring through the “First Semester” program. On the other end of the spectrum, 17 senior citizens took a new computer class designed just for them. There are more than 400 enrollments at LLCC-Beardstown this spring. In addition, 202 students are studying English as a second language.

“It is wonderful, as a board, to be reminded of the many kinds of students we serve,” commented LLCC Board Chair Justin Reichert. Board Vice Chair Craig Findley, who represents the Beardstown and Jacksonville area, praised Ms. Byer, Executive Director Jan Terry, their faculty and staff for the excellent services provided to the diverse students of LLCC-Beardstown.