Welcome Adam Watkins and Brenda Elliott

Adam WatkinsAdam Watkins, from St. Louis, has joined LLCC as dean of arts and communication. He began his new duties July 1. Dean Watkins comes to LLCC from East Central College in Union, Missouri, where he served as chair of the fine and performing arts department. He was honored as the Missouri Community College Teacher of Excellence Award Winner in 2017. In addition, he is a mixed media artist, curator and musician. His work deals with the notions of the post-pop culture that we live in and the constant re-contextualization of it alongside his own personal translations of Derrida’s theories on ontology regarding the future, the past, “ghosts,” being and machines. Adam earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Kent Institute of Art and Design in Canterbury, England, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Webster University in St. Louis. He can be reached at adam.watkins@llcc.edu. Welcome, Adam!

Brenda Elliot

Brenda Elliott joined LLCC Wednesday as director of apprenticeship programming. She has over 30 years of experience in marketing/business development activities, project management, computer CRM database management, computer training management, software training and event planning. Brenda earned a bachelor’s degree in business/marketing from Millikin University. She can be reached at brenda.elliott@llcc.edu. Welcome, Brenda!

Welcome James Good and Alexander Young!

James GoodJames Good joined the college as building custodian on March 30. He previously worked at Shop-n-Save for 19 years. He has also recently been employed as a sub custodian for District 186. He can be reached at james.good@llcc.edu. Welcome, James!



Alexander YoungAlexander Young also recently joined LLCC as building custodian. He comes to us with experience working on the custodial crew at the University of Southern Mississippi while he studied there. His wife, Carley, works as a student success coach here at the college. Alexander can be reached at alexander.young@llcc.edu. Welcome!

Welcome Cassy Taylor

Cassandra TaylorCassy Taylor has recently joined LLCC as a child development assistant. She previously worked at Care-o-sel in Virden for 12 years and has a total of 23 years childcare experience. Cassy has an associate degree in early childhood development. She can be reached at cassandra.taylor@llcc.edu. Welcome, Cassy!

Welcome Max Yanor

Max YanorMax Yanor has recently joined the college as a police officer. He previously worked as a 911 dispatcher for the Chatham Police Department over the past year, and as security for Memorial Hospital and a volunteer EMT and firefighter for the last two years. Max is a graduate of Glenwood High School and an LLCC alum. He can be reached at max.yanor@llcc.edu. Welcome, Max!

Welcome Doc Usher

Douglas "Doc" UsherDouglas “Doc” Usher is a new a full-time training specialist for truck driver training at LLCC. He drove for TMC for seven years and mostly recently worked here at the college as a part-time trainer. Doc is a graduate of LLCC’s truck driver training program. He can be reached at douglas.usher@llcc.edu. Welcome, Doc!

Welcome Katrina Quattlander

Katrina QuattlanderKatrina Quattlander has recently joined the college as library access services assistant. She worked as a temporary reference specialist at the college during the fall semester and previously worked as a K-12 librarian. Katrina earned a master’s degree in library science from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She can be reached at katrina.quattlander@llcc.edu or 786-2270. Welcome, Katrina!

Welcome William Whitener

William WhitenerWilliam Whitener has recently joined the college as a police officer. He previously worked as a Section 9 inspector for Springfield Housing Authority and as a full-time police officer in Peoria. William is an LLCC alum, having taken criminal justice courses at the college. He can be reached at william.whitener@llcc.edu or 786-2278. Welcome, William!

Welcome to Alexa Brown and Courtney Polkowski

Alexa BrownAlexa Brown has recently joined the college as human resources associate. She previously served as an HR intern at Crawford, Murphy & Tilly for six months. Alexa is currently working on an MBA from Nova Southeastern University in Florida and earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from University of Illinois Springield. She can be reached at alexa.brown@llcc.edu or 786-4507. Welcome, Alexa!



Courtney PolkowskiCourtney Polkowski is the new employee recruitment coordinator for LLCC Human Resources. She has worked in employee recruitment for the past four years, most recently with coast-to-coast recruiting at Strategic Solutions. Courtney earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. She can be reached at courtney.polkowski@llcc.edu or 786-4989. Welcome, Courtney!