Think before you print tip: reducing paper at meetings

When you hold a meeting, do you really need to have hard copies of preparatory materials available for each participant?  Send documents ahead of each meeting and encourage people to use their computers for reviewing documents and note-making to reduce paper consumption.

Vacancies Announced

The Human Resources office is currently advertising for the new TRIO grant positions including the Director-Student Support Services and Retention Specialist.  We are also advertising for a Public Safety Assistant in Taylorville.  Complete information on these positions can be found on the HR Employment site.

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Register now for a Culinary Institute class!

LLCC’s Culinary Institute announces its fall 2015 schedule of non-credit food and wine classes and special dinners. All Culinary Institute non-credit classes are offered in conjunction with the Community Education department and are held in the Workforce Careers Center.

Food and wine topics being featured include baking and pastries, baking and cooking boot camps, cook and dine, healthy and quick meals, holiday foods and spirits, young people’s etiquette, wine academy, plus specific cooking classes. Instruction is provided by culinary and nutrition experts at LLCC as well as those from Springfield and surrounding areas.

The Culinary Institute also offers special multi-course dining experiences with its Bistro Verde dinners. These dining-only occasions include remarks by the chef on the menu selection and dinners are paired with wine or beer. Cost per dinner including wine is $59; participants must be 21 to register. Payment is due at time of reservation. To make dinner reservations, call LLCC’s Community Education office at 786.2432. Bistro Verde dinners and guest chefs featured this fall include:

Friday, Sept. 25 – Julia Child with Chef David Radwine

Friday, Oct. 2 – Fall Crush with Chef Justin Richardson

Friday, Oct. 23 – German with Chef Terri Branham

Registration is also open for the following Culinary Institute classes:

Baking/Pastry – Course topics include artisan breads, cakes and fillings, French pastry and sprouted bread. Cost for each class ranges from $39-$49.

Advanced and Baking Boot Camps – The advanced boot camp led by Chef Denise Perry highlights the preparation of basic sauces and stocks, and learning the techniques of cooking – sauté, grill, roast and braise. The baking boot camp with Pastry Chef Nicole Swartz focuses on breads, cookies, restaurant desserts and pastries. Each boot camp is a two-week series at a cost of $99 each.

Budget-friendly, Healthy and Quick Meals – Prepare delicious, balanced meals with whole foods. Course topics include crockpot/slow cooker, soups and stews, and one-dish wonders. Cost for each class is $34.

Cooking classes – Classes inspire and challenge the beginner to the most advanced cook. Topics include hot sauces, kimchi, meatless holidays, sushi and southern fried Thanksgiving. Cost for each class ranges from $39-$59.

Cook and Dine – Prepare dinner under the direction of a chef in the food lab, then dine in Bistro Verde. Chef Denise Perry will instruct a class on Thai food. Dinner includes wine; participants must be 21. Cost for the class is $55.

Culinary Institute Wine Academy – Bradley Beam, state of Illinois enologist, will instruct participants in identifying aromas and flavors of red and white wines in this four-part series. Cost for the series is $189.

Holiday couples – Couples prepare a holiday dinner together. Dinner includes wine. Participants must be 21 and register as partners. Cost is $99.

Holiday Foods and Spirits – Course topics include holiday appetizers, candy and cookies, plus sparkling wine for the holidays. Cost for each class ranges from $39-$49. Participants must be 21 to register for the holiday wine class.

Memorial Wellness Center classes – Registered dietitians will teach fundamental skills of healthy cooking in Cooking and Dining with Diabetes ($39) and Freezer Meals ($44).

Parent and Me classes – Class topics include pumpkin, soups with grilled cheese sandwiches and gingerbread. Cost is $29 for each student in grades 4-8 and adult. Parent and child must register at the same time; limit of two children per adult.

Young People’s Etiquette – Designed for boys and girls in grades 4-8, students learn proper use of eating utensils, learn two types of dining skills, how to make proper introductions and practice the art of conversation in a social setting. Cost is $49.

Registrations for classes and dinners are being accepted now. To view the full schedule, visit For additional information, contact Jolene Adams, Culinary Institute coordinator, at 786.2355 or email


IDTE workshops this week

Beginning Blackboard

Facilitator: Gary Bach, Instructional Technology Specialist

Are you a new Blackboard user or an occasional Blackboard user in need of a refresher? Come to this session for an introduction to using the Blackboard course management system at LLCC. This session will cover the basics of getting started using Blackboard to supplement instruction, such as logging in to the system, general navigation, tools, course development areas and the grade center.

Click here to register for the session below

Date Time Room
Wednesday, September 2 5:00-6:00 PM SGMN0119
Thursday, September 3 3:00-4:00 PM SGMN0119


Energy conservation and your comfort

As part of the ongoing effort to reduce energy consumption and the high cost of utility bills, Facilities Services will be implementing a more proactive approach to mechanical systems operation. You may notice a difference in space temperatures as we adjust the equipment schedules to more accurately mirror the confirmed academic and event schedules. Most individual rooms are controlled by sensors which will shut off airflow whenever a room is unoccupied. This saves a significant amount of energy, but may also cause rooms to be temporarily uncomfortable after they have sat empty for an extended length of time.

Saving energy is important, but so is comfort. Please feel free to contact Dave Bretscher, at 786-2238 or  with any questions or concerns that you may have concerning these energy management procedures.

As always, please contact the Facilities Services office, 786-2304, with any immediate heating or cooling issues.

LLCC Board of Trustees welcomes new faculty; hears update on college’s Trutter Museum

The LLCC Board of Trustees welcomed new faculty and heard an update on the college’s Trutter Museum at its August meeting Wednesday evening.

New faculty are:

Conway GretchenGretchen Conway, Springfield, assistant professor, occupational therapy assistant (OTA) program has served as a fieldwork educator with LLCC OTA students for 10 years. She is a registered occupational therapist and has worked with adult, acute-care patients in oncology, orthopedics, neurology and bariatrics in inpatient, out-patient, rehabilitation and home-care settings. She has specialty certifications in such fields as neuronet and sensory integration and has written for multiple professional publications. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in occupational therapy, both from St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa.

Lothary BrittaBritta Lothary, Chatham, instructor in nursing, is an experienced nurse practitioner with a clinical focus in caring for acutely ill cardiovascular patients. She has taught at LLCC as a temporary faculty member and as a clinical adjunct instructor. Prior to coming to LLCC, she taught at Maryville University in St. Louis. She holds a bachelor of science in nursing degree from the University of Missouri at Columbia, and an adult nurse practitioner degree from Maryville University.

Range AdrienneAdrienne Range, Chatham, instructor in biology, taught high school biology for 10 years, including anatomy and physiology for dual college and high school credit. She has also taught the subject at LLCC as an adjunct instructor. She holds a bachelor of science degree from Illinois College and a master’s degree from the University of St. Joseph in Hartford, Conn. She also coached girls’ high school basketball for eight years.

Snyder GregGregory Snyder, Springfield, instructor in chemistry, taught at LLCC as an adjunct instructor for a total of three years. He attended LLCC, earned his bachelor of science from the University of Kentucky-Lexington and a master’s from Purdue University, studying nonlinear optics.

Board Chair Craig Findley commented on the new hires, “It is a credit to the college that we continue to attract such high quality faculty.”

Also last night, Janet Semanik, development specialist with the LLCC Foundation, updated trustees on the college’s Trutter Museum, which she coordinates. The museum, which opened to the community in 2004, was made possible through a gift from the estate of local architect L. Philip Trutter. He and his wife, Kathryn, travelled the world 10 times and donated their many treasured artifacts to LLCC, along with a $1.6 million gift to establish and maintain the collection, as well as establish a scholarship for students in healthcare related fields.

The Trutter’s World Heritage Collection includes hundreds of artworks, including signed prints by Marc Chagall and Salvador Dali, along with thousands of slides, postcards, furniture, jewelry, coins and currency from their travels around the world. Since its opening, the museum has presented five exhibits, with the sixth, “Small World,” set to open with a reception on Friday, Sept. 25, from 5-7 p.m. “Small World” will feature many of the Trutter Collection’s small items, as well as big and bold art pieces, and works by LLCC’s art faculty.

LLCC to host East Asia Film and Lecture Series this fall

First presentation Sept. 17

The Arts and Humanities department is hosting an East Asia Film and Lecture Series this fall and will offer a course in the cultural values of the Eastern world during the spring semester.

The film and lecture series, to be held the Thursday evenings of Sept. 17, Oct. 8 and Nov. 5 from 6-9 p.m. in the LLCC Trutter Center, is in partnership with the Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign. Everyone is invited to attend at no charge.

The first presentation Sept. 17 will be the film “Shower,” a 1999 comedy/drama directed by Zhang Yang and winner of Best Picture and Best Director at the 2000 Seattle International Film Festival, among other honors.

Critically acclaimed around the world, “Shower” features hilarious characters and stunning performances from well-known Chinese actors. When successful businessman Da Ming is summoned by his younger brother to come home to his father’s old-style bathhouse in Beijing, he can’t wait to return to his fast-paced modern life. But time amongst the crazy cast of characters that frequent the bathhouse gives him a new appreciation for traditional old ways. When a tragic event causes sudden change, Da Ming must choose between the prosperous life he’s made for himself and his responsibility to his family and his heritage.

Discussion of the film will be led by Joy Yang Jiao, a Ph.D. candidate at the Institute of Communication Research, College of Media at UIUC. Ms. Jiao’s research focuses on transnational cultural students, media representation and public diplomacy. She has taught classes at UIUC in Media and Cinema Studies, Popular Culture, the Social Aspects of News and Comparative World Literature. She is actively engaged in various international programs, including serving as the spokesperson for the annual U.S. legislator delegation to China.

Other upcoming presentations in the series are:

Oct. 8: “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter … and Spring” (2003), directed by Ki-duk Kim. Discussion led by Alex Jong-Seok Lee, Ph.D. candidate in anthropology at UIUC.

Nov. 5: “Tokyo Story” (1953) directed by Yasujiro Ozu. Discussion led by Elizabeth Oyler, associate professor of Japanese and director of the Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies at UIUC.

The LLCC course “Cultural Values in the Eastern World” (Humanities 201) will be taught Thursday evenings during the spring semester by English professors Paul Van Heuklom and Ashley Green. Students will explore the literature, music, philosophy and fine arts of the Eastern culture as well as complexities in the development of the human spirit. Registration for spring classes will begin Oct. 28.

Deadline to submit deposits is noon today

The deadline to submit deposits to the Finance Department is noon Friday, Aug. 28. As a reminder, if you’ve taken in funds, it is necessary to submit them and corresponding deposit slips to the Finance Department on a daily basis.

Please hand the deposit to Finance Department staff as monies should not be left unattended.

If you have questions, please contact Elyse Calhoun at ext 62204 or Robin Ackman at ext 62762. Thank you!

Emergencies happen–be prepared!

With the beginning of a new term upon us, the LLCC Police Department would like to remind College staff and faculty to take a few minutes and refresh their memory in regards to what steps they need to take should an emergency situation occur on campus. Some resources to help you include:

Emergency Evacuation Maps – Posted in all classrooms and common areas on LLCC campuses, these maps depict routes of egress from your location, the location of the nearest severe weather safe areas, as well as the locations of fire alarm pull stations and fire extinguishers. These maps are also included in the back of the print version of the LLCC campus directory.

Emergency Quick Reference Guide – Posted in all classrooms and office areas [and available by request from the campus Police Department], these handy reference guides provide quick and easy access to basic information concerning what to do in specific types of emergencies.

LLCC Emergency Procedures for Main Campus and Emergency Procedures for Outreach Centers – can be accessed on the employee portal, LLCC Police page.

In addition, all faculty and administrators should review the guidelines for assisting physically disabled students/staff during an emergency. This information can also be found on the employee portal, LLCC Police page.

Keeping the Lincoln Land Community College campus community safe is a responsibility that rests with all of us, and on behalf of the LLCC Police Department, I thank you for your assistance!

Brad Gentry, Chief, LLCCPD

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