Quality Council and teams

Since first forming in fall 2018, Quality Council, the four teams (Learning Outcomes Assessment, Campus Climate, Enrollment Management and External Stakeholders) and Faculty Senate have been meeting regularly to review data, identify needs and develop projects for continuous quality improvement in their respective areas. You can view scope/purpose, membership and minutes for the Quality Council and teams by going to the Employee Portal and clicking on Quality Council (located on the left-hand side under Constituencies).

External Stakeholders Team seeks your input

The External Stakeholders Team is reopening their survey to get greater participation from faculty and staff. The team needs your help in identifying various external stakeholders with whom the college interacts and serves. You might have some questions:

  1. What is an external stakeholder?
    Groups or entities outside of LLCC that you interact with on behalf of LLCC.
  2. What if I don’t have much or any interaction with external stakeholders?
    For many of us, our job duties revolve around current students. However, we still ask that you complete the survey even if you rate your interaction with external stakeholders as “none.”
  3. Why does the survey ask us to identify ourselves and our department?
    The team will be using the survey results to group faculty and staff with similar external stakeholders. The team will then organize focus groups to learn how we as a college collect, analyze and document stakeholder needs, perception and satisfaction. There are no right or wrong answers. The end goal is to develop systematic processes, and everyone’s help is needed to achieve it.
  4. If I already completed the survey, do I need to do it again?
    No, and thank you for completing the survey earlier! Your responses have already proven very helpful.
  5. Who should I contact if I have questions or trouble accessing the survey?
    Laurel Bretz (laurel.bretz@llcc.edu or 786-2430) or Nancy Sweet (nancy.sweet@llcc.edu or 786-4613)

Please complete the survey by Wednesday, Dec. 5.  

Thank you!

Message from the president: new team structure

Attached is the new team structure. It is not perfect, and as a working structure will likely never be. I am sure it will require some adjustment as we “try it on” this year to see how it works.

First, I want to thank the team that worked for a number of months on putting together a plan for your feedback.  Many thanks to: Karie Longhta, Leslie Ross, Jason Dockter, Colin Suchland, Chris McDonald, Tricia Kujawa, Lesley Frederick and Vern Lindquist.

Second, I want to thank the many, many of you that gave great feedback on the plan. There were a lot of comments to consider and to try to incorporate.

There are several important pieces to clarify based on your input. First, every team will be staffed with someone to assist with minutes, scheduling, etc. – just as ours are now. Second, as an additional thank you and recognition for those leading the four teams, each chair will receive $5,000 for professional development each year, and each vice-chair will receive $2,000 for professional development. You will note that our starting chairs have been identified. They have agreed to help us get underway so that work can begin more quickly. The beginning vice-chairs will be elected by the teams (and by position will also serve as members of the Quality Council).

Faculty Senate leaders, Jason Dockter and Colin Suchland, will be organizing the election for faculty members. I will work with the other employee groups for their elections.

Again, thank you for participating in this process. Your input and your patience in working through this have, and will continue to be valued and appreciated.

Charlotte Warren

Quality Council
Learning Outcomes Assessment Team
Enrollment Management
External Stakeholders
Campus Climate
Team Structure Diagram