Message from Dr. Warren

As you all know, a Quality Checkup team affiliated with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) visited our campus on Nov. 6 and 7. During their visit, the team held conversations with several groups in order to affirm the accuracy of our Systems Portfolio; gauge the impact of Action Projects at LLCC; understand our commitment to continuous quality improvement; and confirm compliance with accreditation expectations. And while the Quality Checkup team does not make any official recommendation for reaffirming our accreditation, they did share their observations of LLCC during the closing sessions. The comments were favorable, and the team offered recommendations that were generally consistent with the Systems Appraisal Feedback Report. We anticipate receiving our Quality Checkup Report in January and will update everyone as additional information from the HLC is shared.

Please remember that reaffirmation of our accreditation in AQIP is not a separate, standalone procedure. Rather, it is a summative review of our work with AQIP core processes (i.e., Systems Portfolio, Action Projects, and Quality Checkup) as well as demonstrating that we meet the Commission’s Criteria for Accreditation. We anticipate that the HLC’s AQIP Review Panel will examine that larger body of evidence for LLCC in March of 2014. The Institutional Action Council (IAC) would then take action regarding our accreditation status in May of 2014.

Dr. Charlotte Warren, president