Slow Internet Connectivity

Demand for Internet bandwidth at all LLCC locations has greatly increased this semester. Our Internet bandwidth is currently being maxed out for most of the college’s daytime operating hours resulting in slower than normal Internet speeds.  While typical web pages load with little delay, streaming video, such as YouTube, will likely suffer noticeable performance issues.

We have been working with both the ICN, our Internet service provider, and AT&T over the course of the last year to increase our Internet bandwidth.  A new fiber optic connection is being installed this week, which should double our bandwidth, and is expected to be ready for use in 4-6 weeks.  Further additional bandwidth should be available to the college later this fall as we upgrade our telecommunications infrastructure with AT&T. This upcoming telecommunication project will also provide a secondary path to the Internet, providing us with fault tolerance in the event one of the two pathways goes down.  In the meantime, please expect to experience slower than normal Internet connectivity on campus and plan accordingly.

While we are working to increase our available bandwidth, we would like to ask you to restrict recreational use of streaming sites in order to free up additional bandwidth for academic purposes.  Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve LLCC’s network infrastructure.