LEAGUE Circus Trivia

Dr. Cynthia MaskeyDid you correctly guess the answer from yesterday’s LEAGUE Circus trivia? The clue was: She walks a tight rope of all our health care programs. The answer is: Dr. Cynthia Maskey, dean of health professions.

The menu for the LEAGUE Kickoff lunch may not be the healthiest, but it’s sure to please! There will be three food trucks to choose from including Twyford’s BBQ, Az-t-ca and the Foodie Machine. Donut Dollies will serve mini donuts. If you would like a vegetarian meal, please contact Jay Kitterman at Jay.Kitterman@llcc.edu to reserve one.

For more details on this year’s LEAGUE Campaign, be sure to watch Ringmaster Rashawn Jones in action in this short video

To make a pledge to the LEAGUE campaign, complete the 2023 LEAGUE Form and you will be entered into a drawing for a $150 cash prize donated by members of the LLCC Cabinet.

Today’s LEAGUE Circus Trivia clue:

Now step right up for today’s LEAGUE Circus trivia. Can you guess the faculty or staff member of LLCC Big top from the following clue?

He works magic on our Jacksonville facilities.

Submit your answer to LLCCFoundation@llcc.edu for a chance to win a prize. Check back for the answer. Congratulations to previous winner Tara Norris!