Cybersecurity awareness training will continue next week!

The second module of our cybersecurity awareness training program with Infosec IQ will start on Jan. 18. The training will run through the end of March. This will entail a series of three short training courses and potentially some simulated phishing emails. The courses focus on phishing, removable media and public Wi-Fi. The purpose of putting this training into place is to raise awareness to the threats in our environment and to avoid costly data breaches.

Employees will be sent an email notifying them of enrollment in the course. The provided link will take the learner directly to their dashboard to complete the module. If you have not completed the first module launched last November, you will receive an email for that module too.

The enrollment email will be coming from Infosec IQ Notifications <> with the subject “Start your security awareness training” Here is an example of what the email will look like:

Email from to Cruz, Esteban A. Labeled External Email. Includes Lincoln Land Community College logo and the text: Hello Esteban, You have been enrolled in the LLCC - Spring 2022 (Q2) course, courtesy of Lincoln Land Community College. Please complete your training within the next 6 days. A button: Start your training. Thank you, Lincoln Land Community College.