LLCC provides customized training for Litchfield manufacturer

LLCC provided Excel training for Litchfield manufacturer Dometic on July 19-20 and Aug. 3-4 at LLCC-Litchfield. The college provided classroom space, an expert instructor and instruction tailored to Dometic’s needs and employee goals.

Mandy Jewell, director of human resources, Dometic, and Jessie Blackburn, director, LLCC-Litchfield“It is part of our mission at LLCC-Litchfield to increase access to educational and career training opportunities in our communities. In this instance, we connected local needs with the customized business training programs that LLCC offers,” explained Jessie Blackburn, director, LLCC-Litchfield. “We are excited to partner with Dometic and welcome the opportunity to provide similar services and programs to other businesses and industries in our community.”

“We plan on doing additional sessions and appreciate how we were able to work closely with the instructor to focus on particular skills and functions,” said Mandy Jewell, director of human resources at Dometic.

LLCC offers a variety of training opportunities for businesses. Topics covered include Microsoft applications, such as Outlook, Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint, as well as customer service and leadership.