Ordering promotional items with the college’s name or logo

As a reminder, if a college department (with the exception of Athletics, Student Life and Bookstore) has funds and wishes to purchase promotional items that would contain the college logo or name, here are the steps to take. These guidelines are intended to insure consistency, quality and value of promotional items.

  1. Complete a PRM KBOX work order, indicating the items you wish to purchase and the quantity, color and other specifications. You may suggest a vendor, but it is not necessary.
  2. PRM will find a vendor for the items and provide you with price information.
  3. If you approve of the price, PRM will contact the vendor and provide the appropriate artwork and deadlines.
  4. You (or your department assistant) will need to create a requisition on Colleague for the item(s). Once the requisition is approved, the purchasing office will then send the vendor a PO to place the order.