Update from Campus Climate Team

The Campus Climate Team and its three workgroups (Safety and Inclusivity, Professional Development, Employee Satisfaction) meet regularly to review data, identify needs and develop projects for continuous quality improvement. Over the course of the last academic year, the team and its workgroup have continued to use data (primarily, PACE) to inform decisions as they carried out project work related to:

  • Inclusivity Speaker Series – In collaboration with the Workforce Equity Initiative, the Safety and Inclusivity Workgroup hosted a session during spring Professional Development Day on “Engaging With Equity: Identifying and Applying Inclusive Practices in Your Role at LLCC” led by the Office of Community College Research and Leadership.
  • Innovation in Diversity & Inclusion (IDI) Grant – The Safety and Inclusivity Workgroup formed an IDI committee to plan, develop and institute a spring 2021, internal grant process to promote diversity and inclusion at LLCC. Two projects were awarded – 1) a book discussion of “Is Everyone Really Equal? An introduction to key concepts in social justice education” for all student success coaches and 2) a targeted recruitment and retention project for Workforce Equity Initiative students.
  • Professional Development – Professional development has been incorporated into the performance evaluation process. A tab for professional development opportunities was created in LincIn to help employees more readily identify and share opportunities. Funds were designated for classified and professional employees to use for professional development each fiscal year.
  • Internal Information Distribution and Consumption – This Employee Satisfaction project is underway and aims to create a standardized institutional communication distribution guideline to help facilitate greater understanding, participation in and effectiveness of internal communication processes.

To learn more about the team’s scope/purpose and work over the past academic year, please visit the Employee Portal, click on Quality Council (located on the left-hand side under Constituencies) and then select Campus Climate Team.