LLCC nursing students assist with COVID-19 vaccinations

LLCC transition hybrid and traditional ADN nursing students along with Dr. Pam Bradley and Dr. Amanda Roche, professors of nursing, braved the cold to administer COVID-19 vaccines in the Sangamon County Department of Public Health drive-through clinic Feb. 13-14. “The students were rock stars with their nursing and professional communication skills,” says Dr. Pam Bradley, professor of nursing. “The nursing mantra is ‘see one, do one, teach one.’ This weekend the students saw one, gave and taught hundreds. It was really amazing to see them in action and to have been invited to participate in this historic and hopefully only once-in-a-lifetime event.”

Cary Cheffy, director of personal health services, said the students were “fabulous and very professional. They were a big help to us and to the community.” The students will be back later this week to help get as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible.

LLCC nursing students at drive-through clinicLLCC nursing students at drive-through clinicLLCC nursing studentsLLCC nursing professors