Have you seen the LEAGUE video?

Star-studded cast delivers fetch LEAGUE video

Review by Barbara Eades, LLCC Foundation

Featuring a star-studded cast of LLCC faculty and staff, the LEAGUE video will have you rolling in the aisles … or rolling your eyes anyway.

The first half of the video is downright hilarious, but then it takes a turn focusing on a more serious note as the true meaning of the LEAGUE campaign is revealed. Spoiler alert: LEAGUE is an acronym for Leaders Establishing Gifts Annual Underwriting Education and is actually a campaign for the benefit of our students and programs. We see cameos from Dr. Warren, Stacey Olson, Dean Butzow and others who help us navigate through the twists and turns of making a donation.

Do yourself a favor during this time of social distancing, and check out the LEAGUE 90s video. It’s three and half minutes of pure entertainment! We give it five stars!

Note: It’s not too late to make your contribution or pledge to the LEAGUE campaign. To date, approximately 100 faculty and staff have pledged nearly $40,000 to help our students. Contact the LLCC Foundation at llccfoundation@llcc.edu or call 786-2797.