On-campus operation update

With our region now in “Phase Four,” the operations on our campus and at outreach center facilities are gradually picking up. We still remain cautious in our approach to reopening and must remain vigilant in following guidelines and protocols. Outlined below are some adjustments to our operating protocols now that we are in “Phase Four” and some reminders about other protocols that remain in place:

  • While our locations remain closed to public “walk-ins,” we are now available to schedule in-person appointments to meet the various needs of our existing, new and prospective students. Existing, new and prospective students coming on to the main campus for one of these scheduled needs will check in at A. Lincoln Commons. Students/visitors at all locations will need to have a scheduled appointment, wear a face covering at all times and complete a health questionnaire (including a temperature check). Students/visitors will also be expected to only access the service(s) scheduled for the visit. Additionally, students/visitors should maintain social distancing (6 feet apart) whenever feasible and will be expected to follow all directional signage regarding “traffic flow” throughout college buildings. These appointments are for the individual only, so we ask that no additional guests accompany you on your visit to campus.
  • Campus tours/visits have resumed in a limited fashion. Again, those visitors must adhere to the same safety guidelines as outlined in the first bullet point.
  • Employees may conduct in-person meetings as long as they are done in spaces that still allow for proper social distancing among the participants. Face coverings should still be worn if meetings conducted in-person.
  • Entrances and exits on each building will be limited based on building size and number of entry/exit ways. Buildings designated to be “open” will have a primary entrance and a separate exit(s) identified. We have added a couple of “Employee Entrance Only” points at two of the entry/exit doors on the east side of Menard Hall. You will need a key to be able to access these entrances; otherwise, you should continue to enter through A. Lincoln Commons.
  • Employees reporting on-campus need to be completing the daily online assessment before coming to work. If you are unable to complete the online assessment or have technical issues, please contact Human Resources.  And again, if you are feeling ill, please stay home.
  • With the anticipated gradual increase in “foot traffic” on campus combined with the daily health assessments for faculty and staff and health screenings for visitors, attendance logs for areas are no longer necessary.
  • The use of face masks/coverings remain required for both employees, students and visitors. The only time a face mask is not required is if you are sitting in an isolated office without anyone else present. If you are in need of a mask, please let me know. Students/visitors should wear their own face mask or covering when on campus.
  • In order to minimize contact with others, we have signage marked throughout identifying a direction in each hallway for foot traffic. While this may mean that you may not be able to take the most direct route to wherever you may be going, we ask that you comply with these directional markings to minimize contact with others. In spaces where one-way directional foot traffic is not feasible, signage has been established on each side of the hallway so one side goes in one direction and the other side the opposite direction to maintain as much distance as possible.
  • Please continue to adhere to proper social distancing (staying 6 feet away from others) when possible.

As our operations continue to evolve and as we prepare for the fall semester, many office areas will be bringing more employees back for on-campus operations. Your supervisor will be in contact with you if your work schedule (on-campus vs. remote) in the coming weeks is changing.