Email to SURS Self-Managed Plan participants

SURS recently sent out an email to current Self-Managed Plan participants regarding upcoming changes. If you did not receive this email and you are a SURS Self-Managed Plan participant, you will need to contact SURS at 1-800-275-7877. Changes include a new plan name (SURS Retirement Savings Plan), new default investment options, new investment lineup, new planning and education tools, and a new recordkeeper. SURS will be offering webinars to inform members of these changes and actions members need to take. SURS has set up a website,, that summarizes these changes and has links to register one of the webinars. Employees in the Self-Managed Plan who plan to retire between June 1 and Aug. 31, 2020 should contact SURS to learn how these changes may affect them. Any questions about these changes or how it may affect you will need to be directed to SURS.