SharePoint tech tip: Create, upload and share files in a document library

Create a file

To create a new file, select New and the file type you want (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
When the new file opens in your browser, add text, images and more to your file. This will automatically save in the document library. While working in the file, you can change the name by selecting it in the menu bar at the top.
Select your group site name in the browser tab to see the new file that was automatically saved in your document library.

Upload a file

From your computer, using file explorer on a PC or finder on a Mac, select the file you want and then hold down your mouse to drag and drop it into the document library in your web browser.

Share a file

Select the file you want to share (click to the left of the file name), and a green checkmark appears.
Select Share in the menu bar above.
Select an option to share your file:

  • Add the emails of people you wish to share your file with. Type in a message, and then select Send.
  • Copy Link creates a direct link to the file that you can share in an email or IM.
  • Outlook opens up your Outlook app with your file attached to a new email.