Tech tip: Find and follow sites on SharePoint

When selecting the SharePoint app from the list of online applications in Office 365, you will be taken to the homepage for all of SharePoint. This is your place to find department group sites and portals (i.e., Employee Portal), read news posts from group sites and portals, or search for content.

The homepage is broken into sections:

  • At the top, there is a “Search in SharePoint” feature.
  • To the left, you will see categories for “Following,” “Recent” and “Featured links.”
  • In the center, you will see “News from sites,” “Frequent sites” and “Suggested sites.”

To search for a site, file or person in the organization, type in the search box. Matches will appear as you type. Select it from the results to open and view. Selected search results will open in a separate browser window.

“News from sites” highlights updates from sites you follow or visit often.

“Frequent sites” shows sites you like to go to and recent activity.

“Suggested sites” appear based on recent searches you’ve done and recommendations from the Microsoft Graph.

“Following” shows all the sites you follow, such as your team site or a site from another group you work with. To follow a SharePoint site, go to where it is and select the star  next to the site’s name.

“Recent” highlights any SharePoint sites you’ve gone to recently.

“Saved for later” lists news posts you’ve saved to read later. To save a news post for later, select the save-for-later flag  at the bottom of the news post. (Note: This section will only appear if you have saved items.)

“Featured links” displays sites your organization wants to spotlight.