Message from the president

Dear Faculty and Staff,

I had been working on something to send out as we “mostly” tie up this semester. But I watched our Commencement and thought — that says it all. Thanks to all of you, each and every department, that have contributed to help our students get to this point. It hasn’t been easy. In fact, it has been damn hard work. But we are mostly there. I say mostly because we still have some that are awaiting guidance to let us totally finish up. But even so, graduation night was a time to celebrate. The ceremony was great, and students, families, faculty and staff had an opportunity to “be in the moment.”

We still have a way to go. I can’t give you any answers as to the next step. That is dependent on the Governor’s guidance and the Illinois Department of Public Health. Just know that we are ready to move, even incrementally, as we are given the go-ahead. Each step will be taken with concern for the safety of all. But flexibility is still the key to our success.

As we wait for the yellow and green lights, just know that each and every one of you are appreciated. We have kept our eyes on the goal post — and that is getting our students through. We are doing everything imaginable, and I don’t use that term lightly. Your imagination, creativity and dedication made our ceremony tonight possible, and kept the hopes of those to come alive.

For those of you leaving for a summer break, know we are grateful. For those who remain, we still have work to do, but I know you are up to the challenge. I can’t yet tell you what fall will hold, and I can’t tell you when we will all be together again. But I can tell you that the graduation ceremony Friday was just one step in our moving forward to take care of students.

Thanks for just being the heart of what is — Lincoln Land Community College.

Charlotte Warren, Ph.D.