Tech Tip: Office 365 Video channels migrated to Microsoft Stream

Microsoft is transitioning away from Office 365 Video to the video storage platform, Stream. As such, all existing 365 Video channels have been migrated to Stream. Any videos and permissions for the site have been migrated automatically. If you had a personal channel or your department had a group channel in Office 365 Video, please check the group permissions in Stream (public or private) and update any documentation, as needed, with the new hyperlink(s).

How to access Microsoft Stream

  1. Open your LLCC web Outlook.
  2. Select the waffle icon in the upper left corner.
  3. Select Stream. If not showing, select All apps and choose Stream.
  4. You will be on your homepage.
    1. To view all groups, select Discover > Groups.
    2. To view groups that you are a member of, select My Content > Groups.
    3. Note: If you do not see your group immediately, scroll down and select the See more link.
  5. Select the group’s name.
  6. Select videos.
    1. Select the Sort by box, and choose Name for an alphabetical listing of all videos in the group.
    2. All videos shared with your channel will appear here.

Visit for detailed instruction on the many features of Stream. Should you need assistance with your existing group channel in Stream, please submit a request to the IT Helpdesk via KBOX ticket.