Payment of hourly staff

LLCC Finance would like to make all supervisors aware how we plan to continue to pay our hourly staff. Cabinet is committed to minimizing any hardship to students and staff as much as possible during this campus closure. The February payrolls are currently being reviewed for all hourly employees to come up with the individual’s average pay.

  • If your hourly employee is not currently working, we will use the average pay to pay them.
  • If your hourly employee is currently working remotely, they should fill out a time sheet as normal.

The federal guidelines are a little different for our Federal Work Study students. If you have a federal work study student, we will need the student’s work schedule in order to get them paid starting March 23. I believe most of you have already turned in that information to Viki Bradley. If you have not, please turn that in as soon as possible.

We will be using this information for the April 15 payroll and beyond if needed. The information for the March 31 payroll should be based on information already submitted to payroll for the time worked March 1-6.

Please pass this information along to your employees, and let them know they will continue to receive a payroll check during this campus closure. If you have any additional questions, please contact Karie Longhta, associate vice president, finance, at