Message from the president

You will get a much more detailed communication today after the cabinet meets to “finalize” our plans. I put that in quotes because this is such a fluid situation, and because putting a college into remote is a steep learning curve for all of us. Again, we greatly appreciate all of the efforts that you have made this week to make this happen and to take care of our students. As I have let you know, we have very quickly been moving staff into remote work mode. We plan to have that concluded this evening. As staff has gone remote, our custodial staff has worked hard to sanitize spaces. We have also been working on a “go to/how to” reference for our website for you and for students. This will be a “one stop” FAQ resource that will organize the many communications you have received regarding future operations and will be updated regularly.

More to come!

Charlotte Warren, Ph.D.
Lincoln Land Community College