FY21 planning and budgeting process starts today

The FY21 planning and budgeting process starts today, March 16. We will continue to use the SharePoint form. The form has been further streamlined to simplify submissions this year — with the New Initiative Project Type being used to submit all initiatives/strategies/programs/projects, FFE, Small Projects, Perkins Requests, Tech Fee Requests.

Users can access the form beginning today, March 16, for submission of items for the FY21 planning and budgeting year. Users are asked to submit their items between March 16 and April 3. Access to the form will close at the end of the day Friday, April 3.

To aid budget managers in submitting Existing Budget Increase/Decrease (budget maintenance) requests, the  budget office will email budget baseline worksheets to users this week. Please wait to submit Existing Budget Increase/Decrease requests until you have received these worksheets. If you are a budget manager of an auxiliary unit and are making budget maintenance adjustments, you are required to attach the baseline worksheets to your forms prior to submission. See the directions pdf for more information.

Written directions and instructional videos have been created to assist users with form completion. These items and the link to the Planning & Budgeting SharePoint Form are posted to the FY2021 Planning & Budgeting link on the Finance Department’s SharePoint page and available for users today.