Congrats to PEERS© graduates

December PEERS graduating classLLCC Community Education launched the Program for the Education and Enrichment of Social Skills (PEERS©) in August. Congratulations to our PEERS© students and social coaches who graduated from this 16-week program on Dec. 10!

The PEERS© curriculum is a social skills training program for young adults (ages 18-30) with Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or other social challenges. Topics of instruction include: conversational skills, strategies for handling peer pressure, appropriate use of humor, electronic communication, group conversational skills, good sportsmanship, planning get-togethers with friends, dating etiquette, and handling teasing, bullying, arguments and disagreements.

To promote day-to-day application of the skills learned in this program, social coaches are required to participate in the program alongside each student. A social coach may be a family member, life coach, friend, partner, peer mentor, counselor, or any other person involved in the student’s social life. Each week during the program, the young adults meet both together and separately from the social coaches, each learning relevant skills to complement each other. The next program begins Jan. 14, and registration is open. Learn more at