Phishing alert

Several users have reported getting an email from “White, Gregory C <>” with a link to a supposed message from HR. The subject of the email is “Memo From HR Department.” This email is NOT a legit email.  It is a phishing attempt to acquire users login credentials. Please disregard this message and delete the email.

This message was sent from a compromised student email account used as proxy, thus the [EXTERNAL EMAIL] tag not appearing on the messages. The link has been marked as malicious and blocked.

Phishing is a common identity theft method used by fraudulent parties. NEVER send your personal information including passwords, user IDs, credit card numbers or a social security number via email. Passwords should NEVER be shared with ANYONE in any form.

To learn more about “phishing,” follow the links below:

Information Technology (IT) or any other LLCC department does not solicit passwords or any other personal information via email. If you receive an email message that appears to come from IT that requests this type of information, please forward it immediately to Do not reply or click on any links. Again, these emails are often hoaxes (“phishing” emails), part of identity theft and fraud scams.