Year-End Progress Update form

In an effort to gather progress information for the last fiscal year’s initiatives, we have created a simple Year-End Progress Update form for your completion. This will serve as a close-out for all FY19 Planning & Budgeting Projects. If you submitted a project request during FY19 Planning & Budgeting Process, you will be required to submit year end progress update information for approved projects. Updated FY19 Planning & Budgeting documents are available on SharePoint. Budget Maintenance requests are excluded from this process.

Please access the SharePoint form and provide progress information for each of your FY19 projects. The form is filtered to display the project id numbers that you will need to respond to. Select a project id number, provide the necessary information, include supporting documents as attachments and submit the form. As each project id is completed, it will be removed from the drop down list on the SharePoint form.

All submitted forms will be routed directly to your VP for review.

Your responses should include specific evidence to support your project progress.   If you have questions about what type of specific support, please contact Karie Longhta. If you have any problems with accessing the SharePoint page, contact Megan McCann.

The updates should be submitted no later than noon on Wednesday, Nov. 20.