Institutional license for Padlet

LLCC Academic Innovation and eLearning is happy to announce that we now have an institutional license for Padlet!

With an institutional license all LLCC employees now have access to a Padlet Backpack Teacher Account. This allows for several benefits than offered by the free Padlet account, including unlimited Padlet walls, bigger file uploads, folders for organizing your Padlet walls, easier integration with Blackboard and more. Click here to quickly interact with a sample Padlet wall.

What is Padlet?

Padlet is web-based tool and app that allow instructors to easily create and share virtual Padlet walls.

What is a Padlet wall?

A Padlet wall is virtual bulletin board that allows instructors or students to easily add multimedia post-it notes to their wall. These notes can contain text, images, movies, web links, documents, drawings, audio and more. Walls can easily be created and shared with students

How can Padlet be used in instruction?

Instructors can curate a wall of resources on a topic or chapter to share with students. Students can create their own walls and collaborate on group walls. Padlet walls can also be used for student portfolios, sharing student reflections and creations, student scavenger hunts and other creative assignments. Padlet is a very open-ended tool and can be used in many ways.

How do I sign up for a Padlet Backpack teacher account?

The attached document will help you get started with Padlet Backpack. You may also contact if you need assistance with these directions or have questions about using Padlet at LLCC.

Padlet Teacher Account at LLCC