Fall 2019 Professional Development Day Nov. 5

Professional Development Day Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019. Offices closed and no classes will be held.
Fall 2019 Professional Development Day will take place is one week on Tuesday, Nov. 5! Dr. Gianina Baker will be the luncheon keynote.

In this session. Dr. Baker will use national trends and initiatives to connect to the current work of institutions to become student and work ready. Exploration of what is meant by the terms “student ready” and “work ready” are needed as LLCC works to center such efforts into its current equity and inclusivity work. Examples of initiatives and work happening nationally on college campuses will be used to bolster understanding and communication of how to illustrate the student experience, and how all of us, whether you work directly with students or not, impact the sense of belonging student have on our campus.

In addition to Dr. Baker’s presentation, there is a full schedule of workshops with a wide variety of topics planned throughout the day. View an overview of the Fall 2019 Professional Development Day schedule. A detailed schedule for the day with session descriptions can be found in an Oct. 22 email.