Inclusivity Series presentation tomorrow at noon

LLCC Inclusivity Speaker Series. Diversity, Inclusion, Identity, Community.The first speaker in the Inclusivity Series, Dr. Penny A. Pasque, will be presenting on “Understanding Implicit Bias and Identifying Action Strategies Toward Change” on Oct. 23 at noon in the Student Union. Registration for the event is requested. The event will include a 60-minute keynote at noon, followed by a 30-minute activity at 1 p.m.

Implicit bias refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions and decisions in an unconscious manner. Implicit bias exists around race, ethnicity, gender, national identity, disability or any social identity. This interactive session will explore your own social identities and, focusing on race, define and explore the complexities of implicit bias for yourself, students and colleagues. The event will address how implicit bias shows up on community college campuses and work toward tangible action strategies toward change.

Dr. Penny A. PasqueDr. Pasque is a professor in educational studies and associate director of qualitative methods in the Office of Research, Innovation and Collaboration at Ohio State University. In addition, she is editor of the “Review of Higher Education,” which is considered one of the leading research journals in the field. Her research addresses complexities in qualitative inquiry, inequities in higher education, and disconnections between higher education and society. She utilizes qualitative methodology as well as studies qualitative methodology. Pasque’s research has appeared in approximately 100 journal articles and books. She is currently the primary investigator for 1) the National Study on Women in Higher Education and Student Affairs since 2008 2) the Epistemological Injustice in Graduate Education research project with Leslie Gonzales, 3) Researching Educational Diversity – The Decolonizing Indigenous Research Team (RED-DIRT).