Many thanks to all who assisted with the Transportation and Industrial Expo!

The Transportation and Industrial Expo on July 16 was a great success with approximately 90 visitors in attendance! Prospective students and their guests enjoyed learning about many of the hands-on training programs at LLCC with activities throughout the Workforce Careers Center. They also had the opportunity to take first steps to enroll and get questions answered about financial aid and scholarships. LLCC Public Relations and Marketing would like to thank all who assisted with this recruitment event. We sincerely appreciate you sharing your time, expertise and enthusiasm!

Those who assisted include: Dr. Vern LindquistDr. Judy Jozaitis, Dr. Lesley Frederick, Nancy Sweet, Holly Bauman, Rick Burge, Shanda Byer, Laurie Clemons, Darla Cochran, Steven Davis, Carissa Dubois, Chris Edmonds, David Ferrill, Cody Ford, Thad France, Jim Gain, Bill Harmon, Bob Howard, Leslie Johnson, Kevin Kirsch, Lara Marshall, Aaron Meiners, Alison Mills, Craig Norman, David Pietrzak, Dr. Scott Queener, Curt Robinson, Karen Sanders, Tom Spears, Julie Sutfin, Damon Tanke, Ashly Thomas, Arnold Tullis, Vickie Ward, Dave Whitley and Dallas Woomer.

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